Importance of Distance Learning In Today s Education Ecosystem

Why distance education is important?

Education / January 24, 2019

India, after independence, has made a great advancement in its education system. Initially education was accessible only to the high profile class of India, and a lot of poor & middle class Indians remained unlettered. There was an immense pressure on various state governments by common men to initiate more & more institutes, colleges and universities. This pressure has led to rapid growth of higher education in our country. But the sad thing is that this progression is more quantitative than qualitative, all because of the high demand. Therefore, an alternative methodology was required in order to ensure quality education & success. And distance education is one such alternative.

Distance education was embraced by many good universities to meet the ever increasing expectations of those student who had deficient means to pursue higher education through regular manner. And hence, distance education in India has become very popular today. There were a lot of limitations in the formal system of education, which a lot of students are not able to undertake. And hence they are getting attracted towards distance learning mode of education. Convenient education, study from home, more quality & less expensive, earning while learning are some of the popular advantages of distance education. And this is the reason it is growing with a great pace in India.

Various Names for Distance Education

Distance education in India is called by various names. Some of them are:

  • Correspondence Courses
  • Correspondence Education
  • Extension Courses
  • Distance Learning
  • Open Learning
  • Virtual Education
  • Online Education

However they all have different meanings. But they are related to one another in some way or other. To learn more about the various names for distance education & their differences, check out this post Difference Between Distance Education & Correspondence Education.

Need & Importance of Distance Education in India