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Homeopathy distance education

Education / July 17, 2017

Distance Education Overview

If you wish to study homeopathy to a professional level but live some distance from reputable homeopathic colleges, this Professional Distance-Education Course was developed to meet your needs. You will study Homeopathy, Nutrition, Anatomy & Physiology, Pathophysiology, and be required to complete a Clinical Internship and Externship component in both Intermediate & Advanced Levels. You can begin the program at any time and there is no deadline for completion. You can achieve a superior education in homeopathy, studying in your spare time and progressing at your own pace. (Please note there is additional training required for any students wishing to be eligible to register with the regulatory body in Ontario ).

Year 1/Level 1:

  • Lessons 1-2
  • Lessons 3-4
  • Lessons 5-7
  • Anatomy & Physiology course
  • Nutrition course
  • (optional)


Year 2/Level 2:

  • Lessons 8-10
  • Lessons 11-12
  • Lessons 13-14
  • Pathology & Disease course
  • Study Week (optional)
  • Internship Clinic
  • Externship Clinic


Year 3/Level 3:

  • Lessons 15-16
  • Lessons 17-18
  • Lessons 19-21



This course consists of three levels (Foundation, Intermediate and Advanced Level) corresponding to approximately 700 hours of study for each level. It is anticipated that each level will take approximately one year to complete if you establish a regular study schedule. Each course level is organized into several lessons with associated assignments. This continuous assessment of your work ensures a high degree of proficiency, as weaknesses in understanding are communicated to you quickly with helpful assistance and advice provided by your personal course tutor.

A minimum grade average of 70 per cent must be achieved at each course level to be eligible to proceed to the next level.

Lessons consist of: comprehensive study notes; diagrams and charts; cross-references to homeopathic text books; self-assessment questions; assignments.

"I honestly just love my whole learning experience at CCHM, I could not have chosen a better school. Initially, I was intimidated about being a distant ed. student without having the ability to attend classes live. However, as a 3rd year student, I can confidently say that my education has been quite well-rounded and wholesome, yet flexible enough that I can dedicate time with my family, be a soccer mom, help my husband at work, and pursue my studies! This program has been extremely suitable for my needs, allowing me to do the work on my own time and schedule, at my leisure, without the usual pressure and deadlines.

The Supervisors are fantastic. I am able to hand in my assignments with quick feedbacks allowing me to proceed further into the course without any delay. Any questions or concerns are answered promptly.